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Easy Valley



Categories: Easy Roof Systems

Pack of 10. Length 3m.

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With enhancements made to flexibility; size; and adaption of seals, our unique system ensures the roof never gets flooded, even in the heaviest storms. This is because the system allows the water to run over the top, down the improved water channels and off the roof. The Easy Valley system is flexible and versatile, whilst continuing to compliment traditional building methods and is quick and easy to install. Suitable for all manmade and natural slates up to 10mm thick. Installation over the battens saves time and even allows for a dormer valley. Easy Valley Cap Easy Valley’s cap, a unique cover system, will improve the performance of the valley even further by increasing the flow of water and eliminates slate slippage. In addition, the easy valley cap seamlessly overlaps previously installed cover fixings. This cap makes every roof valley look perfect.


  • Unique dry valley system for slates
  • Extends the life of the roof by keeping battens dry
  • Anti-theft design with no scrap value (no lead needed for installation)
  • Low maintenance system
  • Always looks perfect with Easy valley cap, which can cover everything
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No streaking and staining
  • Can be used with all manmade and natural slates up to 20mm thick